Callus Instant Spray


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Detailed directions & FAQ:

Instant Callus Removal -ORANGE CALLUS PEEL SPRAY-For Regular Home Use (1 Callus Liquid + Filer) -**Smoothen CALLUSED and ROUGH feet in just 3 minutes**- Imported and Specially formulated for Indian Feet with 99% Natural Ingredients. Suitable for Diabetics Patients- First time in India. Dermatologist and Podiatrist tested.

Callus Peel Spray:

Express 3 Minutes Callus Peel Removal- In just 3 minutes- you can see the difference. This callus peel liquid is for regular home use and dermatologically tested.

Unique Features- pH 6.8-( Note: Many of the normal callus peel products use strong alkaline the pH is over 13.00).Safe to handle-No harsh chemicals- Paraben Free- Dimethicone Free. Safe contact with skin other than callused area.

Safe & Effective- 3 minute process-Takes 3 Minutes from start to finish
-No waiting after spraying, immediate callus removal-Instant visible results.

Quick & Easy- 50%+ skin miniaturization compared to other similar products -Smooth and moisturized skin -Only removes calluses and leaves the healthy skin. As soon as you apply the product on the callused area, you can start filing and removing the callus instantly.

Rejuvenation & Restoration- Some of the Ingredients: Lavender Essential Oil:-Antibacterial, Anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial qualities help prevent skin infection and relieve skin irritation. Eucalyptus Essential Oil-Anti-odor, Excellent for removing odor, helps in sterilization and skin soothing. Rosemary Essential Oil-Skin soothing effect, Soothes the skin and increases and promotes blood circulation to warm the body.

The Result: The Cleaner and moisturized foot
Callus Peel liquid- act as a moisturizer resulting in soft and smooth skin.

How Does this work: Callus Peel Liquid is based on Micro Water

Micro Water -Dr. Peter Agre (Nobel Prize Winner 2003):- In the cell membrane, there are small channels that water molecules travel through called “Water Channels”. Dr. Agre received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2003 for this discovery.

Clusters of water molecules are broken down to micro water. Individual water molecules (Micro Water) quickly permeates callus and aides the removal process.


1. What are the ingredients?

Micro water, Calendula extract, Lavender oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Pear Extract, Soybean Extract, Pomegranate Extract, Barley Extract, Urea , Vegetable glycerin

2. How often should I use it?

Every 10 days.

3. How about really tough callus?

Re-use the product until the desired effects are reached. Often, using it twice gets rid of most tough callus.

4. Is it safe for pregnant women and diabetic people?

Yes, it is safe to use for pregnant women and people with diabetes. Excess removal of the callus can lead to a more sensitive skin.

5. Are there any side effects?

No, however, excess removal of the callus can lead to a more sensitive skin

Directions :

1. Use the CALLUS PEEL- MIST  in every 7-10days.1.Spray on callused area and file the callus away 

2.You can spray again, while you filing, if required.

until the desired effects are reached. use it twice gets rid of most tough Callus. 

3.It is safe to use for pregnant women and people with diabetes.


1.If you have deep and more thicker callus formulation please use “Orange Callus Peel-Home Starter Package” as this will provide callus removal from the base. Then use express peel.

2.If you have crack on your feet use ORGANGE CRACK HEAL CREAM   to cure the wounds first and then remove the callus.