Callus Peel –Know Well? How Callus form? Why it is required to remove it?

  • Calluses are hard, rough areas of skin that are often yellowish in colour.
  • They can develop on the feet – usually around the heel area or on the skin under the ball of the foot, palms of the hands and knuckles and on elbows.
  • Activities that put repeated pressure on the foot, such as running or walking barefoot, can also cause calluses to form.

How can I protect my feet on a day to day?

Wash thoroughly and use natural moisturize cream.

We have specially formulated a natural cream for this purpose.

What is the importance of moisturization in feet care?

Skin is an important barrier that prevents infections in the body. Skin that is dry in nature,  is more prone to itchiness, rashes and infection. Extremely dry skin, especially in the heel area, can develop painful cracks called fissures. These fissures are susceptible to bleeding and becoming infected. Dry skin is also more prone to developing painful calluses. For these reasons, moisturizing the feet is very important.

After the orange callus treatment client must moisturize the feet morning and evening at least for 21 days to establish adequate moisturization of the skin and should be continued every day for long-lasting results. Please note once you stop moisturisation, feet skin will start to dry. We have developed a special natural daily feet moisturizing cream for this purpose.

How should feet skin be looked after?

Adequate moisturisation is the most important and integral part of foot care. Here are 6 tips for adding much-needed moisture to the skin:

1. Wash feet daily with mild soap and warm water. Dry the feet and immediately apply our specially formulated Natural feet moisturizing butter.
2.Do not apply moisturizer between the toes. Excess moisture that builds up between the toes encourages the development of athlete’s foot fungal infection.

3.Soaking the feet once to three times a week in a shallow basin of lukewarm water helps to improve the condition of the skin. Soak for only 10 -15 minutes since soaking for long periods dries out the skin.

4.Apply moisturizer after towel drying

5.For most effective night treatment try this: apply moisturizer to your feet and put on breathable cotton socks. The heat from the socks will help skin soak in the moisture.

6.Remove Callus once in every two or three month -Our callus   peel remove callus from its base without damaging live skin cells.